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60 Belvedere

The 1960 Plymouth was significant in many respects. It was the last Plymouth manufactured with their famous fins ("stabilizers" as they were called in the sales literature), and the first Plymouth manufactured with "unibody" construction. Unibody construction offered weight and material savings over the then conventional body-on-frame construction, while at the same time made for a stiffer body. Today, practically all manufacturers use this construction for bodies.

The engine department for 1960 saw the introduction of two legends. First was the un-veiling of the slant six engine . With cylinders inclined 30 degress to the right, this engine is unmatched in its reputation for reliability and durability. Second was the debut of the cross ram induction intake manifold, available on top of the line engines. The Plymouth version was named the SonoRamic Commando V-8 , and was available on the 383 and 361 "B" engines. This induction system helped produce a stump pulling 460 lbs-ft of torque on the 383 engine. The initial version was a two piece design, known as the long ram, with runners extending over the valve covers. Later year versions were shorter, one piece designs that helped power the famous 413 and 426 Super Stock engines. An explanation of the SonoRamic principle is covered in the 1960 Plymouth Ross Roy data book.

On the racing scene in 1960, Richard Petty began his winning ways. Richard's first three NASCAR grand national victories were recorded that year in a Plymouth. On the dragstrip, Al Eckstrand took home Super Stock Automatic class honors at the NHRA Nationals in Detroit, driving a '60 Plymouth Fury. His winning time was 14.51 seconds at 97.82 mph. The Ramcharger High and Mighty photo here pictures a 60 Fury in the background, very likely Eckstrand's. The winning tradition continued at the 1961 Nationals when Ray Christian in his '60 Plymouth beat Bud Faubel in a '61 Fury for A/SA class honors. Ray's posted time was 14.24 seconds at 98.9 mph. 1962 saw Terry Yeazel In his '60 Savoy runner up to Carole Cox for S/SA class honors at the Nationals. The 1960 Plymouth race heritage was carried on in the middle 60's by Bob Kammer's Weekend Warriors and Bill Smith's H/SA Savoy.

Follow this link for other pictures of current and past '60 Plymouths at the drag strip.

The example shown in the picture above is the author's former Belvedere 4-door sedan at the track. It was repowered by Sonoramic Commando V-8 big block engine. The long ram on this engine is the "short" version. What is a "short" long ram you ask? Follow this link to find out. Backing the engine is a torqueflite 3-speed pushbutton automatic transmission. Safety and drivability has been improved with the addition of an AAJ Brake disc brake conversion kit and dual reservoir master cylinder. For a short history and accomplishments of this car, go here.

The subject car was recently purchased by Richard Mayo and now resides in England. It was recently featured in the July issue of 'Classic American' magazine.

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